From our East Devon farmland

Owned and operated by the same family for more than 150 years, the farming enterprise now known as Greendale Farming comprises 1,680 acres of land and twelve different revenue-producing departments, including a cattle herd, sheep flock, piggery and free-range egg production. Each department contributes to the ongoing success of Greendale Farm Shop and website; beef, lamb and eggs (as well as honey from on-site hives, cider from the orchard and even pheasant from the farm’s commercial game shoot) are retailed through the shop and online. In addition, Greendale also sells its own pork and vegetables, and selected products from these departments are supplied to major national supermarket chains.

Greendale Farming stands out for the diversity of its offering – unlike other agricultural businesses, it doesn’t simply focus on one activity – and for its ability to produce and sell a wide, varied range of own-grown produce in its own shop. This makes Greendale a stronger, more balanced proposition than other more specialised producers. It’s much less vulnerable to fluctuations in price and demand for any particular product, and (thanks to Greendale Farm Shop) not forced to adhere to ruthless supermarket pricing policies. Greendale Farming also produces an independent electricity supply, in the form of an anaerobic digester fed by arable grown specifically as fuel, together with the manure from the farm’s cattle, pigs and chickens. This power is used to supply both Greendale Business Park and Greendale Farm Shop (which also has on-site solar panels).

Regular investment in state-of-the-art farming technology ensures Greendale Farming operations are run smoothly and efficiently, with animal welfare recognised as being of the utmost importance. Working to the Red Tractor Assurance for Farms scheme, farm staff strive at all times to treat animals with dignity and respect; Greendale Farming is also delighted to have gained the RSPCA’s ‘Assured’ status, following strict checks on all aspects of the animals’ lives. The humane treatment of animals is an indication of the high standards maintained across each of the farm’s different departments. Skilled farm management and rigorous attention to detail in turn create high-quality produce, so customers at Greendale Farm Shop (and at the café and the Kings Arms, Otterton) can buy in confidence.