Jay’s AIM and Greendale Farm Shop Host Free CPR Training Event


In partnership with Jay’s AIM, a Greendale-appointed charity, we will be hosting a free CPR training event at Greendale Farm Shop on Wednesday October 16th 2019, to coincide with the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Restart a Heart’ Day. This ticket-only event will take place at the Greendale Farm Shop Café from 6pm until 7pm. Only 30 tickets are available, so allocation will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If you or your friends and family would like to attend this free training session, simply email us on info@greendale.com or respond to our posts on Facebook providing us with your contact details and how many spaces you would like to reserve.

About the Session

The Jay's AIM basic CPR/AED training sessions are designed to give you the basic information and knowledge needed to be able to help someone in a medical emergency. During the one-hour session, you can learn more about the charity and how to sign up for a free cardiac screening, before going into CPR training.  Each participant will have their own mini Resusci Anne to practise the techniques on, before finishing the session with a discussion on using a defibrillator, including role-playing a cardiac arrest situation, giving CPR and using a training defibrillator.  The sessions are particularly relevant to young people, and explain about Jay’s AIM’s links to local sports clubs, such as the Exeter Chiefs. For further information about Jay’s AIM please visit their website: https://www.jaysaim.co.uk

 About ‘Restart a Heart’ Day

The British Heart Foundation’s Restart a Heart Day raises awareness about cardiac arrest and helps people to learn CPR, giving them life-saving skills and the confidence to use them. In 2018, an amazing 238,793 people were trained in CPR through Restart a Heart Day. The next Restart a Heart Day will take place on 16 October 2019.

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