Waterdance's Beam Trawler Fleet participate in Brixham Trawler Race 2019


Waterdance’s Beam Trawler Fleet once again were involved in the Annual Brixham Trawler Race. Taking place in June, Waterdance vessels including the Chloe of Ladram, Lady Maureen, Catharina and the Margaret of Ladram all particpated in this exciting race.

About Brixham Trawler Race: Brixham Trawler Race is the highlight in the Brixham Port’s year and celebrates its maritime excellence. Boats are dressed with bunting and battle it out with a race around the Bay, creating quite a spectacle for locals and visitors alike. The after party on the quayside is always fun for all the family and lets the fisherman have a catch-up but the event also raises thousands of pounds for local Charities. Organisers donate to local charities including Brixham’s Fishermans Mission, Shoalstone pool, Brixham Gig Club, Brixham Rugby Club and Brixham Museum.

About Waterdance Fishing Fleet: Waterdance has over 20 boats based in Devon and Cornwall including beam trawlers, netters, potters and scallopers. All of our boats use our own quota as much as possible but we do also trade quota domestically and internationally. Their boats land regularly at Brixham, Newlyn, Salcombe and Exmouth. These ports provide direct access to the western channel where clean deep waters and strong currents create the perfect environment for world class seafood. Sustainable fishing methods ensure that these stocks remain intact. Click here to learn more about Waterdance