Waterdance hosts Thai delegation visit


On the 16th and 17th May 2019 Waterdance Ltd staff played a key role in hosting a delegation of Thai fishermen, government officials and academics who visited Brixham to gather information about more sustainable fishing practices that could be implemented in Thailand’s fishing industry. Thailand is one of the world’s leading fish product exporters and has a large domestic demand. Therefore, sustainability improvements could have a large positive impact on ocean health.

Waterdance Ltd demonstrated the recent improvements to sustainable fishing it has adopted in the Brixham beam trawl fishery such as larger mesh sizes to allow juvenile fish to escape. The vessel ‘Barentszee’ has been heavily involved in sustainability trials with Seafish, Cefas government scientists and local net maker Brixham Trawl Makers Ltd. So, it was appropriate that this vessel deployed it’s gear in the surface waters of Torbay, whilst the delegation observed from the local ferry. Waterdance staff also explained how UK fisheries are managed for long-term environmental and economic outcomes.

Waterdance Managing Director, Nigel Blazeby said, “As a fishing company fully committed to a sustainable future, Waterdance was delighted to have the opportunity to share its’ experience of fishing method innovation with an international audience and looks forward to building on the relationships established.”